Wireless AC Power Detector

We all know that electric shock can cause serious injury or even death. In order to avoid injury, prior to starting work on an electrical box such as an AC mains switch-board or a power supply, for example, you must first verify there is no AC voltage.Problem is that how you can be sure that there's no voltage remaining?Here is a solution that helps you test cable without requiring any physical touch with cable . This circuit is called Wireless [...]

Touch-less Doorbell

We all have a doorbell at our homes. When a guest comes to our house, they search for the doorbell switch and then ring it to let us know their presence. If who came to our house and unable to find doorbell, else person is so short then they cannot find the doorbell in this case we need a solution that can find the presence of a person and rings the doorbell automatically.Here we are making an object sensing [...]