Wind Mill With Electric Switch

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Wind Mill With Electric Switch

Wind mill is a machine that converts the wind energy to another form simply stated, a wind mill works the opposite of a fan. Instead of using electricity to make wind, like a fan, wind mill use wind to make electricity. This project shows basic concept of wind power generation. This is prototype of wind mill.

Parts Required : 

  • DC Motor with connector pin -1
  • Fan Blade – 1
  • LED – 1
  • Wind mill base-1
  • Motor Base – 1
  • LED Base -1
  • Safety pin -1
  • Thumb pin – 4
  • Battery Cap-1


  • Arrange all the parts as shown in picture

Wind mill with Close switch ; ON condition
  • Now rotate the safety pin so that its free end touch the other thumb pin in this condition switch said to be ON condition. In this you will see the fan start rotating as shown in picture.
  • Now Move safety pin away from other thumb pin in this position switch will be in OFF condition and bulb did not rotate as shown in picture.

Wind mill with Open switch ; OFF condition

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