Simple Electric Circuit with Switch

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Simple Electric Circuit with Switch

Electric circuit provides a complete path for electricity to pass between two terminal of the electricity source (Battery, cell etc).In an electric circuit, the direction of electric current Is taken to be from the positive to negative terminal of electricity source (Battery, cell etc).

Basic Electric Circuit With Switch

In other side we can said that, A circuit is a closed path that electrons flow along. A simple electric circuit contains a power source (battery), wires, and a resistor (light bulb). In a circuit, electrons flow from the battery, through the wires, and into the light bulb. When the bulb receives enough of these electrons it will light up.

Parts Required :

  • Bulb holder – 1
  • Bulb – 1
  • Safety pin- 1
  • Thumb pin – 3
  • connector  wire – 2
  • Battery Cap-1
  • Nut bolt
  • Base 10 x 15 cm


  • Attach 1st terminal of bulb holder with 1st terminal of the switch through thumb pin as show in the picture. Now attach the 2nd terminal of bulb holder with negative terminal of battery cap and 2nd terminal of switch with positive terminal of battery cap.
  • Take small electric bulb and fit inside the bulb holder
  • Now Basic electric circuit is ready for working
  • Now rotate the safety pin so that its free end touch the other thumb pin in this condition switch said to be ON condition. In this you will see the electric bulb glows as shown in picture.
  • Now Move safety pin away from other thumb pin in this position switch will be in OFF condition and bulb did not glow as shown in picture.

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